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Learn How Cost Segregation Provides Tax Benefits and Improves Your Cash Flow.
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"Improving your cash flow by reducing your taxable income is the goal of our cost segregation specialists."

Madison SPECS

Vast Experience and Broad Reach

Unlike many cost segregation shops, Madison SPECS employs a cadre of highly-qualified and experienced cost segregation experts. Our in-house expert team of cost segregation engineers travel all over the country performing site tours for studies. Each site visit includes measuring, photographing and documenting the property and its assets.

Our national footprint is a reflection of our quality and reputation. Our clients' satisfaction results in word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations that have resulted in clients throughout most of the United States, and growing. After each study is completed, Madison SPECS works in tandem with our client's accountant, to provide all back-up documentation and tax-related forms, for a hassle-free experience.

Madison SPECS is a subsidiary of Madison Commercial Real Estate Services, also a national organization, with services to help you maximize the return on investment of your commercial real estate assets.

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