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"In providing our Cost Segregation expertise
to CPAs, we're committed to working with them as allies, never as competitors."

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Program Mechanics of the Alliance Program

If you have clients who own investment property or property used for business, are you certain they are getting all the accelerated tax depreciation deductions that they can claim? Are they capturing missed depreciation deductions from prior years?  If not, it is time to join forces with Madison SPECS. By working with Madison SPECS, your clients can realize the bottom-line benefits of a Cost Segregation study which is generated through accelerated depreciation.

We know that few CPAs have the in-house engineering and cost analysis expertise to conduct audit-supportable Cost Segregation studies. ThatÕs why leading accounting firms turn to the Cost Segregation experts at Madison SPECS for the most accurate, timely and cost-effective solutions to their clientsÕ needs. Through Madison SPECSÕ Cost Segregation Alliance Program, you can also strengthen your own business and develop a new revenue stream.


Through our Work-Share Agreement, you work with Madison SPECS -- one of the nationÕs leading Cost Segregation experts -- to help your client maximize their depreciation benefit on their real estate. Your clients benefit from enhanced current depreciation deductions that translate into a better bottom line outcome -- a benefit of increased cash flow. You reinforce your position as their expert advisor and secure their future business. When you participate in our Cost Segregation Alliance Program, you share in a portion of the work and therefore share in a portion of the fees.
  • Your referral to Madison SPECS ensures your clients receive the highest quality Cost Segregation alliances service. Our in-house team of accountants, engineers and tax experts work exclusively on Cost Segregation to maximize the benefits for your clients.
  • You differentiate your firm from the competition by having a service critical to your clients that you competitors probably don't offer.
  • You maintain your client relationships when your clients don't have to look elsewhere for specialized services.
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