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Learn how Cost Seg provides
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What You Don’t Know about Cost Segregation Can Cost You Money!

If you own investment property or property used for business in today’s challenging economy, you are undoubtedly looking to lower your tax payments and improve your cash flow. And you may have heard that a Cost Segregation study can provide tax benefits by reclassifying assets for faster depreciation.

But did you know that a Cost Segregation study can generally be expected to produce about $200,000 in net present value tax savings for each $1 million of reclassified assets?

At Madison SPECS, we focus exclusively on saving you money through expert Cost Segregation analyses. A cost segregation study is a tax and engineering analysis which can be done for any investment property or property used for business and typically yields significant tax savings. It is designed to accelerate the tax deductions you can claim for depreciation by reclassifying eligible assets to shorter recovery periods allowed by the Internal Revenue Code. A Cost Segregation study identifies those assets, assesses their value and determines the resulting tax deductions for depreciation. And today, the savings you can realize from Cost Segregation are more valuable than ever!

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Learn About the Bottom-Line Savings of Cost Segregation

As an investor or business owner, you are invited to attend a free webinar entitled “The Bottom-Line Savings of Cost Segregation,” hosted by the Cost Segregation specialists at Madison SPECS, LLC, Presented by noted industry expert Eli S. Loebenberg, CPA, this webinar will help you, the property owner, to:

  • Determine the bottom-line savings you can realize from a Cost Segregation study,
  • Learn how you can accelerate tax depreciation deductions and recover missed depreciation deductions from prior years,
  • Understand why it’s best to incorporate Cost Segregation as early as possible in order to maximize tax benefits, and
  • Find out how to improve your cash flow and lower your cost of capital.
  • Learn more about how to reap the full benefits of this special tool with Madison SPECS’ free webinar - now that’s some cost segregation savings!

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